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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wish Doll

This is an example of a Wish Doll. They are made of craft wire, beads and remnants of quilting and other fabrics. This one is about 5 inches tall, pretty tall for a Wish Doll. They are poseable and come with a tealight to help make your wish, and their own little pillow. The dolls are entirely formed and decorated by hand.

The pillows are infused with wonderful aromatic Indian musk and orange oils. It is very rich and exotic, although I can also do organic lavender if that is preferred. The refillable tealight holders are decorated with swirled polymer clay with embedded glass beads.

They come packaged in a cello bag with an instruction card. Here's what the card says (in a pretty font):

"Whisper your dreams and desires to this “Wish Doll” and she will remember them for you.
Light a candle if you like, while you tell her.
Keep her in any place that is special to you – on her cushion on a windowsill, under your pillow, in a garden, in your house or in your pocket.
A word of warning:
These dolls have been made with love. They are not voodoo dolls.
Do not try to use them to wish harm towards anyone. It is dangerous to do that since the bad energy could rebound on the wisher."
I think they make sweet gifts.
They will be available through Etsy for $12.00 plus shipping.

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