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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Erte Inspired Dolls available for the first time.

I have decided to offer a pair of very special Dream Star Dolls for sale this weekend at Uptown Village Market.

This pair of one of a kind dolls were made for a contest and show, with the theme of Art Nouveau. I based the designs on the beautiful figurative sculptures and costume & fashion illustrations of Erte. My mother had a collection of illustrated plates with his designs that she treasured.

Both dolls are heavily encrusted with beading, and have custom made beaded skirts. The fabrics are reclaimed vintage and the faces are of course individually hand painted.

One is white and gold with a beautiful swirled beading and swoosh shaped skirts. The other is a darker foliage inspired with exotically shaped petals and hanging beads. Both have yarn hair and paper beads. I'm pricing them at $60 and $70 respectively.

I should add that the dolls did win blue ribbons for artistry.

More Uptown Dolls

...for your viewing pleasure.

Three more beautiful one of a kind in a series Dream Star Dolls that will be available at the Uptown Village Market in a mere 2 days. Cost for a unique and gorgeous gift: $50 (+ tax).

Here is Believe Zodiac, with beautiful silver charms and lively zodiac print fabric. She looks out serenely on the world with azure eyes. Her hair is adorned with blue paper beads wrapped in cording - lots of fun.

Follow Your Heart Paisley wears rose petals and ribbon roses on her skirt. Her body is made from a vintage wool blend paisley twill that I love. Her wavy edged paper beads, wrapped in cording, remind me of cork (but they aren't!). Her charm reads "Follow Your Heart", and offers the good advice to "Love Life, Live Life" on the other.

Homespun Gingham is made from this wonderful black and brown woven gingham that I found in my late mother's stash. She is full of love and hearts - sequinned and felt. Her charms include more copper hearts and a pewter cup. Tea or coffee? You decide. She has a lovely country cottage feel - and not too much makeup.

Hope I see you at Uptown Village Market!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dream Star Dolls Going Uptown

Here is the first batch of Dream Star Art Dolls for the Uptown Village Market. Each is one-of-a-kind in a series.

Green Batik

My beautiful beaded 8 1/2 inch Dream Star Dolls appeal to people on an emotional level. Somehow, magically, you will be drawn to one. I can't predict which doll you will like - it just happens. You will just feel called to her. You will pick her up, turn her over in your hands and enjoy the soft hair, the little surprises of the paper beads or the charms. Sometimes the words on some of the charms will be the clincher. I never know which will be claimed first. But somehow they all eventually go out into the world to inspire dreams of beauty.

Bright Batik

Some people keep them on their mantels, others by their bedside. Lots of people tell me they keep theirs beside their computer. Maybe you will tell her your troubles, or just feel grateful that there are beautiful things and beautiful people all around you.

Orange Lady Charms

Maybe you will see one and immediately be reminded of someone special in your life - someone beloved. Maybe the doll is calling to you to take her to that person, to be their totem. My dolls make gorgeous and very unique gifts - you won't find the same doll twice. 

Cerulean Blue

They will be presented at Uptown Village Market for $50.00 (+ tax).

Japanese themed One of a Kind Art Dolls Preview

Here are the two gorgeous Asian themed Dream Dolls (14") with Kabuki mask faces.

The first is a Kimono doll with charms and flowers ornamenting her dressed hair. She is made from a selection of new Asian printed quilters cottons, while her obi is silk from a reclaimed vintage kimono. Her kimono is lined with vintage silk.

Her friend is wearing Shinto inspired wrap pants of a linen blend and a Shinto style headdress - a wrapped pony tail with flowered headband. I was so happy with the beading, which includes mother of pearl shell beads.

Despite the vividness of their face paint, I get quite a serene feeling when I look at these two girls. I rather love them, and I hope they will inspire dreamy thoughts . I'd love to see them go to their new home as a pair - but destiny will determine that.

The Asian Inspired lovelies will be presented at Uptown Village Market for $90.00 (+ tax) each.

Shop Handmade For the Holidays at Craft Fairs.

As you know, I'm going to be at Uptown Village Market in Booth 45 (Top Left of map), as is my good friend Royaboya - Friday Dec 2 (5-10pm), Saturday Dec 3 (10am-4pm) in Long Beach.

Meanwhile my other friend, Studio Litha, will be selling her gorgeous Art Sock Monkeys at a backyard craft fair, Saturday Dec 10 (3-7pm) in Torrance. These are not your usual mass produced critters.

Fairy Sock Monkey by StudioLitha

Friday, November 25, 2011

Work in Progress Teaser

Here are some WIP shots of some of the Dream Star dolls I am making especially for Uptown Village Market next Friday and Saturday.

The Kimono and Shinto style pants for the one of a kind Dream Dolls have worked out very well.

The Dream Star dolls will be $50 with bonus doll stand (while supplies last) while the gorgeous Dream Dolls (14 inches tall with wire armatures) will be $75 including stand.

Also available will be a new batch of Wish Dolls, which make a sweet gift and few other bits and pieces. I'm hoping to have some original collage art mini-canvases ready too.

BTW, check out the review about to be posted on my Dolls: Crafting and Collecting blog about the very beautiful "Embroider Everything Workshop" by Diana Rupp. In summary - a great resource for beginner embroiderers!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Martha Stewart Scoreboard Card Ornaments

My most recent web column for Natural Life Magazine includes a tutorial for making circle based ornaments out of old holiday cards with scissors and a bone folder. Here's how I use my beautiful Martha Stewart Scoreboard and a Recollections Three inch circle punch to make it just that much easier and FAST. Rather addictive actually!

Here are the tools. Best Glue Ever dries very fast. Use sparingly.

Trim off excess as needed to center the image you like.

Three inch round. You need 6 or 8.

Place your round flush to the top left corner.

Score at the half-inch mark.

Score again at the 2.5 inch mark.

Fold up one score line. Turn the circle 90 degrees. Place the fold flush against the rim of the Scoreboard.

Score again at 2.5 inch mark.

Score again at half-inch mark.

Fold all four sides upwards (towards right side).

Here are some more cut and folded rounds.

Tiny dots of glue are all that is needed with Best Glue Ever. 

Best Glue Ever dries quickly, with just finger pressure. For another white glue, some paper clips or clothes pins would clamp the segments until they dry. You could also use glue stick. Will it last as long? I don't know.

Add a hanging string. I'm using a scrap piece of card to push the string into a line of glue.

Square in circle ornaments.

Here is an alternative, making triangles with the scoreboard - so much easier than having to measure!

Place the 3 inch round flush with the top left corner as before. Score at 3/4 inch.

Spin the circle, keeping it flush with the rims, and line the score up at the 3/4 inch mark.

I've illustrated with a pencil mark for this close up.

Score at the 3/4 inch mark.

Spin the round again and line up the score at 3/4 inch mark. Score again.

Note that the 3/4 inch score line meets the very first score at the bottom edge of the cut circle.

Fold on the three score marks, and glue as before.

Use 8 to make double ended pyramid globe - not sure how else to describe it. 
Only four together make a small pyramid.

Hanging in the Camelia bush outside my house. I use these in my tree of course, and also to decorate gift boxes and wrapped gifts.