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Friday, July 31, 2009

Coolaberration 2009 Queen of Hearts Journal

Here's a poem I've written for her journal:

The Queen of Hearts seen in the throes
Of suffering from judicial woes,
The victim of a thieving knave.
Historically we’ve seen her rave
And rant in her frustration
On about decapitation.
But there’s another side to know
If you examine the Tarot.
The heart’s the Cup of strong emotion
Holding love to fill an ocean.
The Queen of Cups shows open feelings
Of a loving mother, family dealings.

She can’t play poker. She has no guile.
As she feels, face reveals - frown or smile.
She holds a lotus in a giving gesture
Honest feelings known not guessed. You’re
Asked to take hard with the simple,
A whole complex person under that wimple
She is pictured wearing on the back
Of the cards in the stack.

Yes she sometimes seems too prickly
To get close to very quickly.
It’s worth any effort made to deal
With the cranky words, to find the real
Queenly virtues - her true beauty.
And can she cook confections fruity!
The Knave knew what was in those tarts.
True love from the Queen of Hearts.

Coolaberration 2009 Queen of Hearts

Here are some shots of my contributions to the Queen of Hearts from the Coolaberration 2009 Round Robin. She holds a symbolic lotus. That's a Barbie sized chair I happened to have - a little too small for the Queen.

I made her some striped pantaloons embellished with buttons. I doubt they will be seen in the end, but I was strongly called to give her some underwear.

Now on to my journal...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Barbie Redux Doll

Here are some pictures, taken by my husband, of my Barbie Redux doll, "Winged Victory". The exhibit starts August 7th with a reception in the evening. I'll be taking along some of my lovely ginger bread cake. There will be a Barbie look alike dress up contest and a treasure hunt.
Her head still moves. I figure you could really screw with someone's mind - every time they look at the statue she's looking in a different direction. Heh, heh, heh.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hoffman entry

Here's my Hoffman Challenge entry. Polymer clay head with bead eyes, fabric and batting over a wire armature, wooden base. Probably a bit too wobbly for the travelling exhibit. I have got to find a happy medium between the easily molded wire I am currently using and the 14 gauge thick as coat hanger wire I tried before that killed my hands (even using pliers and a clamp). Maybe just more internal reinforcement is needed.
I called her "Journey". She has felt boots with attached charms, pantaloons, a dress, a sash of crocheted yarn with paper beads, a head dress and a coat embellished with padded, quilted, beaded shapes from the paisley fabric, yarn embroidery, beading and buttons. She wears bangles and rings, and pearl and chain necklace. She has gold tatoos on her face, and sports purple nail polish mixed by Jayn.
Sooner or later she will come home, and I will probably make a crystal staff for her to hold, and perhaps a bag full of trinkets and poems.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swap Monster

Here's a photo of Jayn (in pale pink) from the Swap with her pink monster.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I enjoyed meeting Christine Haynes (pictured) and seeing the nice set up at the Urban Craft Center. Christine was able to give me exactly the information I was seeking about book proposals. I bought her book for the very nicely proportioned wrap dress pattern, as well as a couple of other dress patterns. The book seems very clear. Plus I won some "Project Runway" fat quarters. I now have a piece of fabric emblazoned with Tim Gunn's immortal phrase, "Make It Work".It was an enjoyable event, and I wish Christine every success.

UCC has a nice selection of higher end fabrics, and home spun yarns. They are less heavy on scrapbooking supplies than some of the specialty crop shops that I have seen - but that is good. What they have is a lot of space, equipment, and a well stocked library for information. They run classes. The new fall schedule will be out in a few weeks for classes starting from September.

The Swap-o-rama-rama was tremendous fun. I did nothing that I had planned! Instead I helped a bunch of people make fully lined with an inside pocket tote bags from assorted skirts, pants and (mostly) shirts. They chose the combinations and I sewed. I also zig zagged over iron on applique. I think next time, I'm going to try to do a jeans-into-skirts station.

Jayn very busily created a new soft toy, and spent a lot of time doing needle felting, making a dear little scene with a tree and a figure.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Current and future doings...

I've been working on the sample chapters for my book proposal. I chose two projects from four chapters, with I hope wide appeal. They break down to something for a man, something for a boy, something for a woman, something for a girl, a couple of things for the home, and a couple of things as gifts. A cross section of textile art projects from a variety of old clothes.

Tomorrow I'm going to support another crafting writer at an event in Santa Monica. Christine Haynes has written the nice looking Chic and Simple Sewing, which includes a bunch of full size patterns. I'm looking forward to meeting her and seeing some the garments in person, and maybe picking her brains a bit about her book proposal and publishing journey.

Then on Saturday is the next full Swap-O-Rama-Rama, as part of the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. I'm going to be doing fabric collage based stuff with remants - folded purse, patchwork for soft monsters, scarves, motifs. I'm planning on spending the next couple of days making some samples using all the itty bitty bits of leftover fabrics I have here. I came up with this notion when I saw all the small leftovers being tossed into trash bags after last month's t-shirt swap.

I was tired that day! I couldn't shift my brain out of first gear. I'm making sure to take better care of my sleep needs this week, so that I'm fresh and alert and sparking ideas on Saturday. Plus my family are going to join me, and hopefully have the same ridiculous amount of fun that was enjoyed last year in Venice.

In the mean time I have received the "Queen of Hearts" (pictured above) from my Doll Coolaberration group, and am looking forward to starting the embellishments. I plan on making her a scepter, beading around her chest, and making some underwear for her, and adding some textured embroider to her legs. She has such great hands and her arms are so flexible. I'm contemplating attaching some sticks to her hands to make like one of those Japanese Bunraku puppets. I think they'd have to be removable or they will drive everyone crazy when they come to the rest of the work.