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Hi, Robyn I just received my Dream Star Doll. She is beautiful and will become a treasured keepsake. Will order again ;) 

July, 2013

He's here. He's perfect! Thank you so much!

Deb Lewis
August, 2012

I have *got* to give a "shout out" to Robyn Coburn!! She ever so patiently spent a good deal of her time, tonight (this morning?) helping me work out image issues I was having with the store/my computer!! Turned out not to be as horribly difficult and I turned out to be not quite as incompetent as I thought! :~D
Huge thanks, again, Robyn!! You are *Rockin' Awesome*!!

De Smith
July, 2012

Beautiful doll! Really wonderful. Thank you!

Karen James,
February, 2013
Oh my gosh! I'm so glad I bought this tote! It's even more striking in person. The craftsmanship is exquisite!

Deborah Cunefare
October 2009

Absolutely beautiful!!! The pictures do not convey how pretty these dolls are.

Wendy Stonebraker,
September 2008

WOW! What a Beauty she is! Such a high quality doll too! I'm in love with her. All her 'pretties' are just lovely! I especially like the paper beads in her hair. How cool is that? I've never seen those kinds of beads before. She is beautifully adorned from head to toe. I will definitely be back for more of these Terrific little dolls! Thank-you so much! I highly recommend this very talented and sweet seller. *~*5 Stars*~*

September 2008

Beautiful doll full of Love and Personality! Thank you!
Anne Ohman,
February, 2008

It is our pleasure to provide a testimonial for Ms Robyn Coburn and the wonderful creative services she has provided.

Earlier this year we approached Robyn and commissioned her to create two TopsyTurvy dolls and a costume for our daughter who needed them for eisteddfod purposes. We were delighted when Robyn accepted the commission.

We discussed the nature our daughter’s performance piece and Robyn noted every request that was made, asking pertinent questions until she thoroughly understood what was needed to create the pieces we commissioned.

The result was an exquisite Victorian costume decorated with lace, braid and faux fur, a Topsy-Turvy rehearsal doll and a divinely ornate Victorian Topsy-Turvy performance doll, that our daughter named “Elizabeth”. The work was a huge undertaking and was finished meeting all of our specifications and deadlines, well above and beyond our expectations.

We have no hesitation in recommending Robyn for any creative undertaking you may require. She is an incredibly skilled seamstress and her doll making skills are extraordinary and exquisite. As the tasks we commissioned her to undertake were intensely involving with a high level of difficulty, we can only say that there is probably nothing that she cannot turn her hand to. Her artistic intelligence, sensitivity, vision, skill and dedication to the work made her an integral part of a very successful performance piece.

We cannot recommend Robyn highly enough to you.


S&C Brazzalotto
August 2012


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