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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cool and unusual jewelry

Been making some whacky charm bracelets with sparkly beads and the innards of silk flowers. When I take the blooms apart to use the petals for Dream Star doll skirts, I'm left with an assortment of plastic shapes that look like anemones or miniature baskets or strange microscopic organisms. The chains are recycled from my mother's old stuff and other vintage jewelry.

I'm popping this first 7 inch bracelet on to my Etsy store, just for fun. Look for some new Dream Star dolls too in the next couple of days.

I'll be going to Good Vibrations next month and I'll have all my stock with me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tube stars and bookmarks.

Here's how the cardboard tube stars turned out. Spray painted with silver with decorative buttons hot glued to the centers.
I also made some bookmarks out of Toblerone boxes and sticky mat papers, finished with some ribbons and beads.

Jayn's Barbie Redux

Here is the doll, "Acrobat", that my 9 year old daughter repainted for the Barbie Redux exhibit. She used acetone to clean the face, and put the hand in boiling water to bend it. Then she used plaster bandage for the costume, painting with acrylics. We found the stand at a garden center.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Seeking Sewing Work

I'm planning on advertising my sewing services as a costume maker for Halloween costumes. I've made some beautiful things for Jayn over the years including last year's dress based on the American Girl, Elizabeth (Felicity's friend) and many, many Disney princesses. I made a fully reversible blue to pink Aurora dress, and two different Belle dresses. Some will remember the Yule Ball Hermione dress I made Jayn a few years ago. Two years ago she dressed as the Corpse Bride and looked amazing. I've also made a number of costumes for others.
I'm looking in to the price for classified ads in a few local papers like the Beverly Hills Courier.

The problem is that I somehow have almost no photos of Jayn in her outfits. I'm going to dig up my costume portfolio, which is full of amazing things I have sewn over my years in theater, and do some scanning.

I always feel like I'm constantly taking photos, but I guess not.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doll Costuming Classes idea

I'm planning some doll costuming courses - making clothes for 18 inch play dolls (the size of AG) over three or four sessions. I've created a course outline that includes Basic Doll Clothes - a wardrobe consisting of tunic, dress, skirt, trousers, shirt or jacket and soft shoes or slippers.
Then I have a more advanced historical costume class - the wardrobe would be dress/skirt & top, petticoat, underwear (corset, pantaloons), stockings, hat/headgear, soft shoes and an accessory such as a reticule. I also have the idea of offering a Kimono with various relevant accessories, and two short courses - a witch costume and a fairy costume.
So far I've approached one crafting center in town that holds various sewing and other classes, but no response yet....
I think this could be fun - any thoughts? Any takers?

Another satisfied customer...

I failed to take a photo of a custom ("just make whatever you want for me") Dream Doll before sending her off. Luckily her happy owner sent me one. She is made of wonderful vintage Indian cottons (from my MIL again) with many beads and couched ribbons and a mix of purchased and hand made polymer clay charms. My friend is so lively and joyous I really wanted to illustrate her spirit.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Barbie Redux Window

Here's a view of the Barbie Redux window at 10 Women, Venice. Trisha Anders has tons more pics on her blog. Jayn's doll is inside on a shelf. Can you spot mine in the window?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Carboard Tube Stars, amongst other things.

I've been writing and putting together the crafts for the photo shoot for my next article in Natural Life. The current issue is about plarn, the upcoming issue (Sept/Oct) is about mindfully choosing kits and making your own crafting kits, and the one after that, the one I'm working on is about gift wrapping and packaging.

I started making a few of these stars out of paper towel rolls, as decorations for some home made gift wrap, and it swiftly got out of hand! These are really fun to do. I saw this tute on Her Cup Overfloweth. I found hot glue to be a lot easier and faster. I plan on painting and glittering them, and making a wreath (which takes either 10, 11 or 12 - I'll find out).