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Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Bead Head Granny progress

I just keep wanting to stare at her. Her outer robe is now done - as far as I can tell without seeing the obi on her. I made her chemise from white poplin, tea dyed and aged at the hem with some painted "mud" stains.The more I looked at her bead hands, which I intended to paint, the less I liked them. So I made some tape covered wire hands. After a couple of tries, which included cutting away the big old paper bead, I got some hands I can live with. I still have more detailing to do on them, and I like that they are poseable.
Still to be done - obi, hair and headdress, narrative book.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Plastic bag crochet for sale

A nice solid crocheted bowl about 10 inches diameter at the rim, made using a big fat number 10 hook and 3 inch wide yarn. It would hold fruit or any other relatively light items. I am very happy with this crocheted basket using the J/6.00 hook. I guess I go to more trouble when I know it's for sale! 13 inches tall, 11 inches diameter and a nice wide handle.
Here's a close up of the trim color. The handle is sturdy because it's wide, all single crochet and has an edging of single croche also.

She's coming along nicely

With the addition of handmade rolled cloth beads and paper beads, she is really starting to get the encrusted, detailed finish to her outer gown that I was looking for. I think each of the rolled bundles represents a fable that she has collected.I'm doing a small hand painted and appliqued cloth book to go with her telling her story.

A Basket full of Wish Dolls for the craft fair

All ready to remember good wishes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Robe in progress

Just a couple of quick looks at the Granny bead head doll's outer robe - still a ways to go.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Renaissance Doll Dress

Since I have already given the gown to the recipient, I can show you some pictures of an outfit for an American Girl sized doll, that I made from my own pattern. There is a gown, a soft hat and a tie-on neck ruff. The base fabric is some sort of slubby upholstery fabric that has a nicestiffness and sheen to it, while the lining and attached petticoat are cotton sateen sheeting. The trim and the front of the skirt are two lovely brocade ribbon remnants I grabbed by the baggie full, just because I thought they looked Elizabethan. I know a zipper is not remotely accurate, but it makes for easier doll play. I was so pleased to find these two lone buttons falling about loose in my drawer, ready to be antique brooches. Repurposed element: chain and pearl from a vintage necklace. Plus I can't resist adding some beads to everything.
I can hardly wait to see the doll all dressed up for the next Ren Fair. Hail and well met!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

By popular demand...

In response to the enthusiasm people show for my crocheted baskets whenever I carry them or post pictures, I am bowing to the inevitable and will be offering several for sale at the SoCal Bench Project fair on August 9th. I hope all you nice folk who spoke to me about them at Swaporamarama will stop by. I will be in booth 24, which appears to be outside. Here is the first one - a humungous round bottomed basket tote with two handles, 25 inches tall sides. The pear is there to show scale.
This would work very well as a beach or picnic tote including fitting a groundsheet. I use my similarly sized one when I go to Costco to haul bulky but not too heavy items like the big packs of paper towels or TP. At home I have been using it to store my stock of scrounged plastic sacks. Right now it's almost empty! It would just as well store blankets, towels, or stuffed toys.

The not-very-technical specs:
The yarn is about one inch wide strips of post consumer plastic bags and grocery sacks. I used a J/10 (or 6.00mm) crochet hook. Stitches are single and double (what is called treble in Australia) crochet. I learned that each regular grocery sack makes about 7-8 linear inches of double crochet at this gauge. I also utterly failed to keep track of how many bags I used for this one.

Additionally, I will have a limited number of small and medium baskets for sale, along with the Dream Star dolls, Wish dolls, hand painted lavender sachets, and some assorted figurative soft sculptures/standing art dolls (including the bead head granny and young lady) both in cloth and crocheted plastic.
Stay tuned for futher bulletins!