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Friday, July 24, 2009

Hoffman entry

Here's my Hoffman Challenge entry. Polymer clay head with bead eyes, fabric and batting over a wire armature, wooden base. Probably a bit too wobbly for the travelling exhibit. I have got to find a happy medium between the easily molded wire I am currently using and the 14 gauge thick as coat hanger wire I tried before that killed my hands (even using pliers and a clamp). Maybe just more internal reinforcement is needed.
I called her "Journey". She has felt boots with attached charms, pantaloons, a dress, a sash of crocheted yarn with paper beads, a head dress and a coat embellished with padded, quilted, beaded shapes from the paisley fabric, yarn embroidery, beading and buttons. She wears bangles and rings, and pearl and chain necklace. She has gold tatoos on her face, and sports purple nail polish mixed by Jayn.
Sooner or later she will come home, and I will probably make a crystal staff for her to hold, and perhaps a bag full of trinkets and poems.


FLO said...

Stunning! You amaze me.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

She is absolutely many little details to study and admire. Great fun!

Karma Veranda said...

She is gorgeous! I love her expression and the clothes....well do you make them in my size?


Deborah in IL said...

The beadwork is Exquisite. She's utterly gorgeous.

Gail V said...

Beautiful work, Robyn.


Stephanie said...

Robin, the beading on her if fabulous. I use 16g double hard stainless steel wire in my dolls. It too is extremely hard to cut and bend. If I am feeling weak, I use 2 pieces of 16g floral wire and wrap it with a 1/8" wooden dowel in each leg that extends into the base. The dowel is what really makes the doll stable. Hope I do see your doll in one of the traveling exhibits.