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Friday, July 31, 2009

Coolaberration 2009 Queen of Hearts Journal

Here's a poem I've written for her journal:

The Queen of Hearts seen in the throes
Of suffering from judicial woes,
The victim of a thieving knave.
Historically we’ve seen her rave
And rant in her frustration
On about decapitation.
But there’s another side to know
If you examine the Tarot.
The heart’s the Cup of strong emotion
Holding love to fill an ocean.
The Queen of Cups shows open feelings
Of a loving mother, family dealings.

She can’t play poker. She has no guile.
As she feels, face reveals - frown or smile.
She holds a lotus in a giving gesture
Honest feelings known not guessed. You’re
Asked to take hard with the simple,
A whole complex person under that wimple
She is pictured wearing on the back
Of the cards in the stack.

Yes she sometimes seems too prickly
To get close to very quickly.
It’s worth any effort made to deal
With the cranky words, to find the real
Queenly virtues - her true beauty.
And can she cook confections fruity!
The Knave knew what was in those tarts.
True love from the Queen of Hearts.

1 comment:

yvonne said...

You are a poet and I didn't know it!!!! Love the poem!!!