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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Current and future doings...

I've been working on the sample chapters for my book proposal. I chose two projects from four chapters, with I hope wide appeal. They break down to something for a man, something for a boy, something for a woman, something for a girl, a couple of things for the home, and a couple of things as gifts. A cross section of textile art projects from a variety of old clothes.

Tomorrow I'm going to support another crafting writer at an event in Santa Monica. Christine Haynes has written the nice looking Chic and Simple Sewing, which includes a bunch of full size patterns. I'm looking forward to meeting her and seeing some the garments in person, and maybe picking her brains a bit about her book proposal and publishing journey.

Then on Saturday is the next full Swap-O-Rama-Rama, as part of the Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. I'm going to be doing fabric collage based stuff with remants - folded purse, patchwork for soft monsters, scarves, motifs. I'm planning on spending the next couple of days making some samples using all the itty bitty bits of leftover fabrics I have here. I came up with this notion when I saw all the small leftovers being tossed into trash bags after last month's t-shirt swap.

I was tired that day! I couldn't shift my brain out of first gear. I'm making sure to take better care of my sleep needs this week, so that I'm fresh and alert and sparking ideas on Saturday. Plus my family are going to join me, and hopefully have the same ridiculous amount of fun that was enjoyed last year in Venice.

In the mean time I have received the "Queen of Hearts" (pictured above) from my Doll Coolaberration group, and am looking forward to starting the embellishments. I plan on making her a scepter, beading around her chest, and making some underwear for her, and adding some textured embroider to her legs. She has such great hands and her arms are so flexible. I'm contemplating attaching some sticks to her hands to make like one of those Japanese Bunraku puppets. I think they'd have to be removable or they will drive everyone crazy when they come to the rest of the work.

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yvonne said...

You've been busy!!! All sounds wonderful, so keep us informed on all the progress with all of your projects!