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Monday, July 13, 2009


I enjoyed meeting Christine Haynes (pictured) and seeing the nice set up at the Urban Craft Center. Christine was able to give me exactly the information I was seeking about book proposals. I bought her book for the very nicely proportioned wrap dress pattern, as well as a couple of other dress patterns. The book seems very clear. Plus I won some "Project Runway" fat quarters. I now have a piece of fabric emblazoned with Tim Gunn's immortal phrase, "Make It Work".It was an enjoyable event, and I wish Christine every success.

UCC has a nice selection of higher end fabrics, and home spun yarns. They are less heavy on scrapbooking supplies than some of the specialty crop shops that I have seen - but that is good. What they have is a lot of space, equipment, and a well stocked library for information. They run classes. The new fall schedule will be out in a few weeks for classes starting from September.

The Swap-o-rama-rama was tremendous fun. I did nothing that I had planned! Instead I helped a bunch of people make fully lined with an inside pocket tote bags from assorted skirts, pants and (mostly) shirts. They chose the combinations and I sewed. I also zig zagged over iron on applique. I think next time, I'm going to try to do a jeans-into-skirts station.

Jayn very busily created a new soft toy, and spent a lot of time doing needle felting, making a dear little scene with a tree and a figure.

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Threads of Inspiration said...

Robyn that sounds like so much fun...large cities have so much to offer.