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Friday, November 25, 2011

Work in Progress Teaser

Here are some WIP shots of some of the Dream Star dolls I am making especially for Uptown Village Market next Friday and Saturday.

The Kimono and Shinto style pants for the one of a kind Dream Dolls have worked out very well.

The Dream Star dolls will be $50 with bonus doll stand (while supplies last) while the gorgeous Dream Dolls (14 inches tall with wire armatures) will be $75 including stand.

Also available will be a new batch of Wish Dolls, which make a sweet gift and few other bits and pieces. I'm hoping to have some original collage art mini-canvases ready too.

BTW, check out the review about to be posted on my Dolls: Crafting and Collecting blog about the very beautiful "Embroider Everything Workshop" by Diana Rupp. In summary - a great resource for beginner embroiderers!

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