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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Japanese themed One of a Kind Art Dolls Preview

Here are the two gorgeous Asian themed Dream Dolls (14") with Kabuki mask faces.

The first is a Kimono doll with charms and flowers ornamenting her dressed hair. She is made from a selection of new Asian printed quilters cottons, while her obi is silk from a reclaimed vintage kimono. Her kimono is lined with vintage silk.

Her friend is wearing Shinto inspired wrap pants of a linen blend and a Shinto style headdress - a wrapped pony tail with flowered headband. I was so happy with the beading, which includes mother of pearl shell beads.

Despite the vividness of their face paint, I get quite a serene feeling when I look at these two girls. I rather love them, and I hope they will inspire dreamy thoughts . I'd love to see them go to their new home as a pair - but destiny will determine that.

The Asian Inspired lovelies will be presented at Uptown Village Market for $90.00 (+ tax) each.


Deborah in IL said...

These are SO awesome. I remember when you painted the faces, I've been looking to see the completed dolls ever since! Lovely work, as always.

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Thanks Deb. If you want to buy either just say the word and I'll keep them out of the Market.