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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finished Wish Dolls, Jayn's dolls, and various little things.

I received a fairly big order of Wish Dolls! Here they are beaded, packaged and ready to go.

My daughter Jayn helped me decorate the tea lights with polymer clay and glass beads. I love how the musk and orange essential oils make my hands smell wonderful.

These are some decoupaged note cards I made for my own use with paper dolls/bookmarks attached to them. I used crayon, watercolors, markers, stamping and embellishments on luggage labels. Somehow the blue one came out looking like Bea Arthur. The button one is my favorite, although a bit impractically heavy to use as a bookmark. Perhaps a tree ornament?

These dolls are ones that Jayn (8) is decorating. It is her idea to put the beads into the cheeks of the dolls. This pink one has her drawings on the fabric. (Jayn also styled the photos.) She sewed on the charms herself.

This work-in-progress is one that I love because Jayn drew the face and has created a story for it. She calls it the "Nightmare Mayhem Star" doll.

And this is another of her partly completed dolls, where she decorated the belt, and used yarn to tie on the doll's heart charm.

*In response to inquiries and conversations, here is the plastic bag yarn tote bag I made using a round loom. The strap is crocheted, reinforced with kitchen twine.

My Christmas thank you cards, fabric and stamped paper sewn together. I have still to finish sending out my thank yous, I'm sorry to report, but I'm getting there.

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