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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Planned Wish Dolls

I spent about three hours today making sketches for two art dolls/magical figures that will be my next doll projects. I make a small version 3-4 inches tall called "Wish Dolls" that come with a scented pillow and decorated tea light - check back tomorrow for some of those. These will be based on the same wire armature, fabric wrapped construction with glass, ceramic and wooden beading.
I hope I will be willing to part with them. I have yet to write their stories, but I know they each have one - magical, mysterious and maybe ancient.

This one will be made of a selection of cottons and brocades. Most of the beads will be glass. I am thinking that the head will be a custom polymer clay bead, and I am trying to decide between a pc face, or an embroidered felt face. But what shall I put in her magic mojo bag?

This pale lady will be made primarily of muslin. I am interested in getting a raggedy effect, so I'm going to piece the raw edges out, and give the strips a good wash before I wrap her. I have a nice collection of buttons from my mother's old collection. I also have a box of lovely vintage lace pieces that I will use too. I want to explore textural monochrome with this doll. The big question is her "being" - bride, ghost or spirit, mourner (like in parts of Asia). She'll either tell me...or her ultimate owner.

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