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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thing-a-day Got Away

It's not so much that I haven't been making, it's that I haven't been keeping a very good record or making posts. As you see in the last post I did finish a doll over several days, with all the steps that entails.
Here's what else I've been doing.
I've been painting doll faces, and repairing some problems...

Beading dolls...
Finishing a commission...

which includes yesterday making a bunch of charms from polymer clay.

Today I'll be gilding and ageing these charms to be old gold, and adding the beads and wire to make some of them into the final touches for the commission. Also I'll be adding her hair. She will be delivered this afternoon.
Then it's back to Miss Tick and Elphaba.
The other things I've been doing are making lots of posts on my other Doll blog, and our taxes.

1 comment:

twenty pound tabby said...

It's better to be making things than posting blogs anyway.
That said, I better get busy. :-)