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Sunday, February 8, 2009

TAD - Sunday 8th - Doll progress

I have commenced the work on my Miss Tick doll for the Doll Street Dreamers Discworld challenge.
She has an aluminum foil core with Premo polymer clay over, like all the bead head dolls, and glass beads as eyes. I have found that being patient and doing several bakings creates the best results. I bake the ball, with the ridge first. (The ridge is to prevent the fabric head and hair from sliding backwards.) The second firing is the the nose, cheeks, mouth and chin, while the third firing cures the eyes and eyebrows, which you see whiter in these photos.
The next step tomorrow will be to paint the shading, skin details, eyebrows and makeup her, and then after a day for the paint to fully dry I will seal her with Future Floor Wax for a gentle sheen.
I'm so happy to have learnt about using acetone to smooth the polymer clay. I makes a nice difference, when I compare this doll to one of my earlier dolls that is still at home.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I love seeing WIP photos. Can't wait to see her coming along. Anticipation!! What acetone trick for smoothing clay?