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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Artisan Fair wrap up

Well, I finished my first artisan fair, and I would say that it was reasonably successful. I want to thank the organizers for getting it happening, and I hope New Directions was pleased with the results.Statistically, I did well with somewhere close to one quarter of the people who stopped and really looked at the stuff on my stall buying something - many of them being other vendors. My big seller was Wish Dolls, which are a nicely packaged, moderately priced item suitable for gifting. The turning point seemed to be when people had the chance to smell the wonderful Indian Musk essential oil in the pillows.
I sold a Dream Star Doll and a Pin Doll, and received a lot of positive feedback both about my two bead head dolls and the crochet plastic bags which everyone seemed agree were clever and cool. BUT no one wanted to spend the money to buy them.

My biggest disappointment of the day was the low turnout and the absence of affluent art lovers I had hoped would come by. Sadly it seemed that no-one on my extensive mailing list came along. On the other hand, it was nice to have a lot of positive validation from strangers who must have had genuinely objective opinions about my work, uncolored by any personal affection for me. People also liked my colorful stall.
Boy-oh-boy, what a salesperson my daughter turned out to be. She had a lengthy spiel about everything on the table, and everyone was most polite and listened to her tell them the whole thing! She was fearless and very cute in her genuine enthusiasm for all my goods.
James worked hard too, not just loading/unloading and erecting the EZ Up (which should really be called EZR Down), but in occupying Jayn when she became restive. He's my honey....

I'm expecting to have some further sales on Etsy, and will be putting a whole lot of stuff into my store tomorrow after I get some rest. As I predicted, there was very little sleep had over the last few days.

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