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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Etsy Treasuries are Fun to Make!

I am just loving creating treasury lists on Etsy.

Click on the photos to go to their treasury.

Once upon a time it was really tough. You had to compete and win the right to make a treasury. Etsy released treasury spots at odd times. I never could get my head around being there at the right second. It was too much like fighting to win an auction on Ebay - and there are apps for that.

Now I can make a list any time I like. What I do is open two tabs on my browser (Chrome if it matters), both Etsy, and set one up as the empty treasury, and the other as my search page. I search and browse, copy and paste until I have a bunch of items for my theme.

Then I take a few moments rearranging the items to be a pleasing sequence. I try to group colors or background colors until I like it.

The hardest part has been the themes and titles. Sometimes I've been inspired by a single item to build a treasury around it. I like to be timely, so I made a Father's Day treasury. However I want this to be part of my regular marketing activity. So last night I sat down and brainstormed a bunch of titles/themes. Look for upcoming treasuries like "Spooky", "Trippy", "Flight of the Phoenix" and "Pretty Green".

Remember my current mantra: If you like it, Pin it. Let's get new eyes on our work!

Any Suggestions?

What kind of treasuries would you like to see? Give me your theme ideas in the comments!

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