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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rolled Rose with Best Glue Ever

I made a rolled rose using Best Glue Ever, and my Tweezer Bee tweezers.

First a quick sketch of a wacky oval spiral. I like roses that are a bit uneven and have a cabbage rose feel. Important tip: use double sided cardstock unless you want one side to be white.

I cut out the lines and inked the edges, dried the ink fast with my Perfect Crafting Pouch, then I wound the rose from the outside around my Embellie Gellie stick to relax the cardstock into a curve. I used my tweezers to grab and hold the wound paper, because they are sprung to stay closed. (I don't use them nearly as much as I used to since I have the EG to place small items, but I like the non-stick surface.)

A nice blob of BGE, and I carefully set the rose aside to let the glue dry a bit and get tacky, then I pushed the coil into the blob and held it in place for about 30 seconds. It gripped and held! Next the leaves - cut out, inked and split to allow them to be 3D. The tweezers held the fiddly little overlapping "legs" while they dried.

Once they legs were dry I used more BGE to stick them to the base of the flower. I also added a Dew Drop, placed inside the center of the rose with the Embellie Gellie.

I've almost finished my next collage canvas with a transparency, a tag and this rose. I'll post it shortly. You can see the last one on the Scraperfect blog.

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