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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WIP - Elphaba

This is a restyle of a commercial doll, a Ty Girl into a gift for one of my dd's friends. Since I doubt that the little girl is reading my blog, I think it's safe to post.

We are turning Rockin' Ruby into Elphaba from Wicked. So far I have inserted wire into the doll to make her poseable - much simpler to do than I feared. I opened the back seam where clearly the original stuffing was inserted and my plastic covered copper wire just slid straight in.
Next we have used food coloring to color the skin (Jayn's notion) and I was pleased with how it didn't want to run and how economical it is - a tiny drop goes a loooong way. It worked best to use a "pouncing" motion with just a tiny bit on a somewhat stiff brush. Once dry I sealed it with workable fixative. It needed a couple of coats to stop it from coming off on our fingers.

Now on to the costume, which we have determined will be sewn on permanently, so that is it more like a collectible doll.

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