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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Plastic Bag Yarn Crochet Basket Waiting List

I continue to excite ongoing interest in my plastic bag yarn ("plarn") baskets whenever I appear in public with them. Most people express interest in smaller sized bags, the base of which is a flat circle about 12 inches in diameter, with a depth of about the same, and a single longish handle (good for over the arm or shoulder) or two small handles. This is probably the most useful size, not just for toting stuff around, but also for home storage or as the base of a gift basket.

They are strong, durable and conversation pieces. My design uses white translucent grocery sacks as the main body, and incorporates a contrast stripe trim near the rim. I use several at home to hold crafting supplies or projects, and others to transport my goods to craft fairs.

Because of the very time consuming nature of making these baskets, I propose creating a waiting list for them.

Here's how it will work:
You will comment here indicating your interest in purchasing a basket. I will start making the basket on a first come basis, and when it is completed I will let you know that it is ready to ship, generally within three weeks. You will let me know if you still want it (I know stuff happens!) and if so, you can pay me via pay pal or directly as we will arrange. And I will ship it to you.
If you don't want the basket at that time, I can move you to the end the line and move on to the next person on the list.
Cost: $60 plus shipping.

Let me know, including your preference for one or two handles, and I'll get moving!
Planning a surprise gift? Email me privately:

1 comment:

Ren said...

I am not putting myself on the wait list just yet, but I just want you to know how marvelous I think these are!!:)