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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ridiculous amount of fun at Swaporamarama

We had tons of fun as a family, met lots of nice people all getting extremely creative, caught up with some of the local crafty community, and I personally felt like I was getting something grand for nothing. I came home with some nice silk ties, a couple of skirts for my daughter, some floral cotton drapes that will be mined as doll raw material and several completed projects. My husband found a nice shirt.

Jayn (8) had a wonderful time making two critters thanks to the Monster Madness station and all stuff supplied.

"Cookie Owl" and the bunny were both t-shirts in another life. She was very excited to be filmed by these guys.

James made himself a monster too and then found a nice kilt pin attached to a skirt going begging. My soft doll project is still going - once upon a time a girl's dress - but I did dash off a toasty scarf out of a knit fabric jacket and the trim from the bottom of an outdated skirt.

It was a cool venue, and an amazing number of sewing machines were out for everyone. It sure made me realize how much easier sewing is when you have a nice wide table for cutting out on!

Here's my new friend Sonya Nimri staffing a design workstation. Sorry about the blurry photo!

I hope they do it again, and I encourage everyone to look out for a Swaporamarama in your area.


Pam Genant said...

That looks like so much fun

Daisie said...

Just dropped in to say you've won an award, come on over to my blog and fetch it when you're ready!!

Donna said...

Thanks for the great post about Swap! I remember seeing your cute little girl come in because she was excited to hear about the plushie station. This is great to see her finished projects! :-) Love the bloodshot eyes monster too!
Look for another Swap in November.