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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Blog - EGADS Team

EGADS Team is made up of the fantastic artists who sell their art dolls on Etsy. A new blog has been created for us to talk to each other. I'm going to try and post different pictures there than here, just for some variety. There are some jaw droppingly amazing pieces being made out there.

Currently art doll artists are agitating to have a new category for Dolls and Miniatures (that are definitely not Toys) created to facilitate customer searches and attract more sellers. A petition is underway, and I encourage all art doll makers, especially those interested in using Etsy as your store front, to sign it.

In fact artists in other categories interested in reducing crowding in theirs might consider supporting the doll and miniatures artists by signing also. There is a space for comments in the petition set up.

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