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Monday, June 23, 2008

Dolls in progress for artisan fair

Here are some enormous "bead" heads made from scratch in polymer clay over foil, with small ceramic beads for eyes.
One is a young woman, maybe a bride or a dancer . The other will be an old granny, a spirit of the earth and harvest and a storyteller.

Here are the sketches from my notebook that continue to inspire these figures, who are like giant wish dolls.

I think I am going to make some other bead heads, with the hole going vertically to be charms and decorations. I have a charm trade coming up soon.


twenty pound tabby said...

These are my favorite kind of posts - I love viewing how dolls are created.

WorldWideWurms said...

Looking at all your art on this blog really makes my day. I hope to own some of your work soon. I need to make a point of looking daily because it is really inspiring. Thanks for blogging!


Robyn L. Coburn said...

Thank you both! I'll have to take more photos of the processes. That might be the only way to have enough photos for more regular blog posts.

I have come to the realization that polymer clay works best when more time is taken to bake in layers. It is a great exercise in patience for me. I found the same thing when using liquid polymer clay to attach painted faces to acrylic discs for pins. Oh wait - I haven't posted any of those that I just did last week. Ah. Off to set up the camera again.

Pam Genant said...

Robyn how beautiful. I am working on my charm now, but it won't be as intricate as a doll head.

littlebitwired said...

It's wonderful to see how you work! Thanks for sharing!