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Monday, March 18, 2013

Art Doll Exhibit

 Today I took three art dolls to The Word Is Art gallery in Culver City for their upcoming Art Dolls exhibition. I have pulled "Journey" the bead head doll, "Hope" the 14 inch Dream Doll, and "Winged Victory" altered Barbie from sale to make them available through the gallery until the end of April.


The gallery is a nice space with lots of art doll artists in the cooperative. I really enjoyed looking around today. As soon as I have more information about the exhibit I will post here and at Dolls: Crafting and Collecting.


I will also be teaching a workshop during the exhibition, although I'm not sure what. The gallery offers some pretty sweet classes already including a cool mixed media vintage tin doll figure class. It's almost impossible to go wrong with those great looking tins.


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Robyn L. Coburn said...

Update: As it turned out, I didn't have time to teach any workshops because I was out of town for a good part of the very short exhibit.

My dolls are home again, back in my Etsy store. Onward and upward.