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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Family Tree for Christmas


Since Halloween I've been busy with thank you cards and my ongoing tidying. Images of my latest batch of cards may be found at the ScraPerfect blog.

However I've also started on another project. Here are some prototypes, works-in-progress, of some wooden tree ornaments made with photocopies of vintage family pictures of Jayn's ancestors. I have decided my first How-To video will demonstrate these, or something similar.

I'm still working out the best order of steps - for example, drilling the tiny hole at the start, and considering how many layers of mat medium to use to preserve the image. I'm so lucky to have a really nice stash of family portraits color photocopied already, although I am also planning a variation that will use more contemporary cut out photos, as well.

These are the kind of ornaments that could delightfully personalize any holiday tree, and be made in whatever color scheme you are planning. This particular batch are vintage/distressed/prim style, in keeping with the style of the images - using shoe polish as the aging medium!

Stay tuned for the completed projects and the video on You Tube - and of course our tree very soon.

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