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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Post Market day feedback

Well if I had been really thinking, I would have realized just how quiet most of downtown Los Angeles is on a Saturday. On the plus side, those people who were out and about were genuine shoppers, not sightseers. I had a good spot in the sunny window - but by evening my area was too dark for anyone to be able to examine my dolls. I sold two Dream Star dolls (both planned as gifts) and one Either Way, showed some people how to make plarn, and made a nice trade of some Either Ways for a couple of cool paper doll/collage sheets.
One person wanted to buy an Either Way doll as a chew toy for her dog (!) but I discouraged that on the grounds that the fine cotton poplin would surely disintegrate swiftly under the teeth of a hound (plus she liked one of the vintage fabric ones on top of everything). I'm not entirely sure that the polyfil would be good for a dog's innards. (I am sure she didn't intend to offend. Perhaps I would have a new market if I found heavier duty fabric, but people shaped chew toys???)
I enjoyed meeting the other artists also.
I'm told that there have been good weekday crowds at lunch time and to some extent after offices close around 5pm. I'm contemplating returning either Monday or Tuesday, the last days of the Holiday Market, to capture some last minute gift buyers.
All in all, my average is still holding: about one person in every four or five people stopping to look buys something. So if I can just get into a place with more foot traffic....

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