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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Writing Prompt - Gratitude

Creativity Blast Writing Wednesday Prompt - Opposite Day.

I keep thinking of the character in "Pollyanna", the crotchety invalid who refused to play the Glad Game. Eventually Pollyanna wore her down, by bringing her all three special treats when she usually had only one, and always complained that she would have preferred another.

Other kinds of  "opposite day" stories - Robert Downey Jr gave quite a darling, deeply ironic, acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards a couple of years ago, when he didn't have anyone to thank.

"What am I gonna do? Thank Joel Silver, the guy that's only restarted my career about 12 times since I began it 25 years ago?"

 So anyway, here's a short, short story.

Mitzi refuses to be grateful.

It was a luscious morning. But Mitzi just blinked slowly at the clear, blue sky and sniffed. She wasn't grateful.

She didn't have to make her own breakfast. She never had to prepare any of her own meals. But she wasn't grateful. She didn't offer thanks. She ate and left to go about her day, leaving her smeared plate behind.

Mitzi could choose what ever she wanted to do, but she preferred idleness. She embraced her ennui. Sometimes it was all she do to sit and stare out the window. People went by, she yawned. Birds zipped in and out of the shrubs by the driveway. Pesky little things. Annoying. But outside, on the other side of the glass. Someone walked a dog. Mitzi watched with deep suspicion. Dogs left messes.

Mitzi's energetic roommate wants attention. It's a one way conversation. Mitzi feels imposed upon, so of course she isn't grateful, and soon the roommate gives up.

But when Mitzi wants entertainment, she can be quite insistent. Other people have to stop whatever trivial activity they are doing, and attend to the princess.

Time for another meal now, since it's dark. Another soft bed. Mitzi believes it's entirely her due, so why be grateful?

Mitzi, of course, is a cat.

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