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Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Sketch - saying goodbye to August

Here is a detailed sketch where I envisage using a stencil (I'd make mine from freezer paper I think) and related stamps to put images and texture onto existing background paper. Alternatively one could cut the two large spirals from a coordinating paper and glue or stitch it down before continuing. If stitched, I'd probably add even more ephemera peeking out from under the spiral shapes. Hmmmm.

This is a sketch for a layout with a lot of moments, and a lot of ephemera to keep from the event. I think I'll be using it as the basis for a layout celebrating our trip to NEUC - as soon as I can get some photos printed. Lots still hiding in my camera. I like mixing different sizes of photo too. This is our home schooling life - learning every day.

August is over, but summer weather keeps on keeping on. I'm glad I live near a sea breeze. Meanwhile I have sold three dolls in quick succession and donated one, so I'd best get to making. I plan on making a doll to auction for The Peace Project - my third time participating in this worthy cause. And by the way, the submission deadline has been extended until September 4th.

Lots of writing to do, at the moment too - especially screenwriting. It's great to have a busy, happy life.

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