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Friday, September 2, 2011

Magic Wands in San Diego

I am hosting a magic wand making funshop at Good Vibrations Unschooling Conference on Thursday September 8th, at 4:00pm. It's going to be terrific fun.

I will be supplying dowel, ribbons,yarns, marker, glues, many different kinds of foam shapes (including glittery stars, butterflies and crowns), some inks, beads, rhinestones and wire. Also possible: cutting assorted shapes from papers and cardstocks.
Another use for wands is your holiday decorating. 
The cardstock toppers are double sided.

The possibilities for different kinds of wands are endless. You might want a very pretty fairy type wand with gauze and sprarkles, or you might prefer something more like a Hogwarts wand with a carved tip and handle. You can create dimension using string and paper decoupage before painting.

If you would like to make a more serious wand with a crystal tip (I usually wire the crystal) please bring your own crystal. I have some assorted wire. I also have a limited amount of essential oils for annointing.
Here's "Journey" - her removable staff is a crystal tipped wand, with charms.

I am planning on using hot glue, as well as glue dots (especially these from, so little hands might need older person help. I will have enough dowels for about 100 people to make wands.

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