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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Dolls will be in an Art Gallery

If you go to my Etsy store in about two weeks, you will find it empty of Dream Star dolls. That is because my Dream Star dolls are going to be carried by The Gallery 9 in Culver City in conjunction with their next juried exhibition, The Peace Project by The Whole 9, opening September 25. The Whole 9 is an artists' community with online portfolios and real life networking and creativity inspiring events.

I'm super excited because the curator Lisa Shultz invited me over and hand picked the dolls to be in the gallery shop as part of this wonderful event. I hope that a whole new audience will see my art dolls.

In addition I have donated a Dream Doll to be auctioned during the gala reception. She is a multi-colored doll with a hand painted face, encrusted with beading, embroidery and couched ribbons. She'll be wearing a vivid mix of patterns and prints, while on her hands different colored beaded spirals represent each of the Four Elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I plan on making an art journal to add value to her purchase with stories based on the Elements. Pics soon.

All proceeds from the auction and exhibition will be used to create sustainable opportunities for victims of the war in Sierra Leone. This country has been in the news recently because of the Naomi Campbell Blood Diamonds scandal. Meanwhile the country's path to stability is filled with struggles. Here are some links to information about the civil war in Sierra Leone.

Africa Renewal - January 2005
Cry Freetown
The Civil War in Sierra Leone - Background
US Department of State - Sierra Leone page

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Huge congratulations Robyn!!! I bet you must be thrilled!