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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Crafting with the Cricut

You all know I love making gift and favor boxes from recycled food packaging. I had a ton of fun making these for my demo today.

The small boxes are from a yogurt stick box, covered with a page of text from an art magazine I get that has really nice paper, and decorated with an assortment of flowers cut on the Cricut from security envelopes. These ones are black and white, and I also have saved a bunch with blue and white lining and even some red and white (I'm thinking Valentine's Day next year).

The larger box uses pages from the same art magazine, otherwise on its way to the recycling box. I cut strips at random widths, decoupaged them to a remarkably sturdy cracker box, and used the Quantity feature to cut a ton of flowers from a couple of other pages that worked for color. Glitter paint, buttons - there we go. Later I can cut the recipient's name or other message on either a hang tag or to be affixed directly. These are going to by my next holiday gift packages.

Making these was so much quicker with the Cricut and, I think just as cute, as the other boxes I have been making with hand cutting. I also really like the wire handles with the assorted buttons woven through. Would anyone ever discard an old button? I hope not!

Anyone who wants to see these in person and is in the area please pop in to my Michaels demo.