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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ADO Ornament Trade

I'm not going to show the whole doll ornament until after the trade has been accomplished. But here is a delicious assortment of gleaming wavy edged paper bead charms, along with some simpler pearl and bead charms that will be part of her embellishments.

The paper is some scrapbook paper that I have, nice and thick. The beads are made with Mod Podge following the suggestion of one of my Instructables readers, and sealed with my favorite acrylic sealer, Future Floor Wax. I wrapped them with brass craft wire strung with an assortment of glass seed beads. The pearls and faceted glass beads are repurposed from vintage necklaces I won in a raffle.

The largest beads are about 2 inches long - quite large for a paper bead. The larger ones are flashy enough to be ornaments in themselves I think. I'll be making more for my next set of gift tags. I'm thinking of doing some Victorian style silhouette shapes.

Here's a mermaid figurine modelling one of my beads.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your beads are gorgeous Robyn. I wouldn't have thought of using 'wavy' paper, but it does give a really nice extra look. Like them!!

heidihill said...

I have been searching everywhere, desperately trying to find out how to make this waves paper bead! Is it possible for you to email me any information you may have as to how to do it, did you scallop the paper yourself, or buy it somewhere?
Many thanks