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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tribute doll for Lisa

Currently I am working on a portrait doll that I felt called to make in tribute to a friend who died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. I don't know yet what will become of this doll, but it is a different experience trying to capture the essence of a real person as I knew her, instead of an imaginary being.

Here is a sketch and the beginning of the doll. I searched through my fabric store until bingo! I felt this was perfect fabric for someone who brought so much joy to people around her. It is the first time I have included an internal armature in a doll, to support the head and give some limited poseability. She will be about 12.5 inches when finished - the same pattern for my dolls I call "Dream Dolls".

Above is the figure thus far. I have painted her smiling face from memory and photo, and I hope am doing justice to her generous heart and sparkling nature. My next task is to fashion her flaming beaded dress.


Pam Genant said...

That one is amazing. I love the fabric. Pam

kelli said...

It's amazing Robyn, brings tears to my eyes. :) I think you're truly capturing her wonderful energetic spirit.